February 5, 2021


💉Let’s learn more about the Covid-19 vaccine 💉
The internet benefits our lives in so many ways, but it also allows conspiracy theories and misinformation to spread. Let’s see what the facts tell us about the new Covid-19 vaccine, currently being rolled out in Montserrat.

The following information graphics are aimed to help us separate fact from fiction:

How are we involved?

The Montserrat Red Cross has been supporting vaccination programmes for generations! We will continue to support the Ministry of Health and Social Services Covid-19 Vaccination Programme.

STRENGHTEN YOUR DEFENSE- Register for Vaccination today!

  • St. John’s Health Centre: 491-5218
  • Cudjoe Head Health Centre: 491-5258
  • St. Peter Health Centre: 491-5436
  • Salem Health Centre: 491-5256