February 1, 2021

Christmas Day Luncheon – With a Difference!

Our annual  Christmas Day Luncheon was held on December 25, 2020 and yet again, it was a great success! The following are significant benefactors and reports of the event:


Number of donors – 55

Including fourteen (14) businesses/organizations as follows:

  • Bank of Montserrat (Your Bank your Future)
  • Alliougana Express
  • Montserrat Port Authority
  • BBC Radio and TV
  • Montserrat Shipping and Business Services
  • Nagico Insurance
  • Land Development Authority
  • Flow (This is how we Flow)
  • MS Osborne Limited – Do it Best
  • Victor’s Supermarket
  • Aravins Enterprises Inc
  • Deepaks Grocery’s
  • Rams Emdee Enterprises Ltd
  • Chez Mango Villas

In addition, we got donations from two (2) Service Clubs:

  • Rotary
  • Rotaract

And one (1) church:

  • Bethel Apostolic Church

Other Donations

  • Some individuals gave cash and some gave food stuff. A total of 6 hams, 6 turkeys and 130lbs of chicken were donated.
  • Cash XCD $5805.00
  • 38 individuals who walked into our office and gave out of the absolute goodness of their hearts.
  • 3 gifts from overseas donors.

Notable: We also got generous contributions from His Excellency the Governor and from the Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour.


  • Meals on Wheels  –  $1000.00
  • Golden Years Home – $1000.00
  • Davy Hill Community Action Group – $500.00

Total funds distributed was $2500.00, leaving a total of $3305.00 unspent. We have decided to classify this amount as “Restricted Funds” in our accounts so that it will go towards next year’s event.

Number of Meals served:

Meals on wheels – 62 meals on Christmas Day and 54 Meals on New Year’s Day

Davy Hill Community Action Group  – 60 meals

Golden Years Home – 22 Meals on Xmas Day and 22 Meals on New Year’s  Day

Total Meals served – 220

  • To the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen.
  • To our partners, and
  • Most especially to our valued donors, without whose donations so many persons would not have had such a scrumptious meal.