June 2, 2020

Director’s Hurricane Season Message

“2020 Hurricane Season is looming – Let’s get prepared”

Greetings everyone

The 2020 Hurricane season has begun.  As we continue to battle this COVID-19 virus, I urge us all to follow the advice of the health professionals which is designed to keep us all safe. We cannot afford a resurgence of this virus in our communities. Our children have been out of school for many months now and some of them have not had adequate access to education. So many of our people have been unable to travel due to the closure of our borders.

We are looking now towards re-opening schools and re-opening our borders.

But even as we fight this virus and are ultra-careful to follow social distancing guidelines, we are ever mindful that a hurricane season is looming. We can hope that God continues to watch over us but we must be prudent during this season.

We must continue to be careful to plan for a worst-case scenario. Just in case.

The Montserrat Red Cross has started its preparation for the 2020 hurricane season.

We continue to reach out to our volunteers and to engage with them in terms of their availability to play their respective roles and to ensure that their skills are sharp and ready to respond. Just in case.

We are ensuring that we have an adequate amount of good quality relief supplies and that our equipment remains serviceable. Just in case.

We are checking our communications system to ensure they will work when we need them to. Just in case.

We will be recruiting and training new volunteers shortly to ensure we have enough boots on the ground in an emergency. Just in case.

Generally, we are reviewing our plans to ensure we are ready to respond in a worst-case scenario. Just in case.

I urge us all to be prepared for the 2020 hurricane season even as we fight COVID-19 and please do continue to play it safe!

Glenn Francis


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