Christmas Day Luncheon – With a Difference!

Our annual  Christmas Day Luncheon was held on December 25, 2020 and yet again, it was a great success! The following are significant benefactors and reports of the event:


Number of donors           –               55

Including fourteen (14) businesses/organizations as follows:

  • Bank of Montserrat (Your Bank your Future)
  • Alliougana Express
  • Montserrat Port Authority
  • BBC Radio and TV
  • Montserrat Shipping and Business Services
  • Nagico Insurance
  • Land Development Authority
  • Flow (This is how we Flow)
  • MS Osborne Limited – Do it Best
  • Victor’s Supermarket
  • Aravins Enterprises Inc
  • Deepaks Grocery’s
  • Rams Emdee Enterprises Ltd
  • Chez Mango Villas


In addition, we got donations from two (2) Service Clubs:

  • Rotary
  • Rotaract


And one (1) church:

  • Bethel Apostolic Church

Other Donations

  • Some individuals gave cash and some gave food stuff. A total of 6 hams, 6 turkeys and 130lbs of chicken were donated.
  • Cash XCD $5805.00
  • 38 individuals who walked into our office and gave out of the absolute goodness of their hearts.
  • 3 gifts from overseas donors.


Notable: We also got generous contributions from His Excellency the Governor and from the Minister of Communications, Works, Energy and Labour.


  • Meals on Wheels                                            $1000.00
  • Golden Years Home                                       $1000.00
  • Davy Hill Community Action Group            $500.00

Total funds distributed was $2500.00, leaving a total of $3305.00 unspent. We have decided to classify this amount as “Restricted Funds” in our accounts so that it will go towards next year’s event.


Number of Meals served:

Meals on wheels                                                          62 meals on Christmas Day and

                                                                                          54 Meals on New Year’s Day

Davy Hill Community Action Group                      60 meals

Golden Years Home                                                   22 Meals on Xmas Day and

                                                                                         22 Meals on New Year’s  Day

Total Meals served                                                      220


  • To the staff and volunteers who worked so hard to make this happen.
  • To our partners, and
  • Most especially to our valued donors, without whose donations so many persons would not have had such a scrumptious meal.

How you can help

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Make a donation

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Get trained

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